Episode 6 – Skulls everywhere

Podcasting is tricky business. I’m glad to bring you 4 songs from bands we know. However, to keep myself entertained, the podcast boundary just keeps getting pushed.

Full episode

From the studio this week, we give you four songs and artists.

Each of these songs is available for download at ChinPodcastMusic

Rules were read by Pat Sullivan, of Chin’s Mojo

Talkover music is Scott Whigham

When our friend Laura refused to wear her Chin’s Mojo T shirt, that caught my attention. As she explained her reason… that our band is a cult, well, I had to sit down and hear her perspective. She said, “The skull used in your band’s history and merchandise is a dead thing. You shouldn’t worship a dead thing or pretend it has magic powers.” I explained that the skull was real, but the rest was kind of a joke. She was unswayed.

I found her argument fascinating. A cult? That made us sound pretty naughty, and the worst thing our band ever did was get kicked out of Hawaiian Falls.

I asked Laura to visit our recording studio and put her thoughts out in public. You’ll hear her opinion at the end of this week’s podcast. She backed off the “cult” complaint somewhat, but still insists that the skull is bad for our public image… that it can be connected to the skeleton saint known as La Santa Muerte. This image is also used by criminals praying to La Santa Muerte to protect them from law enforcement.


I disagree. I feel like Chin is a cool icon, and maybe he did help us at that Battle Of The Bands, years ago. Maybe Chin had help. But it doesn’t have to be evil, does it? Take a listen to her thoughts at the end of the Episode 6 podcast, and make up your own mind.

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