Episode 1 – Be prepared to meet four interesting songs

I had to do a lot of soul searching to identify exactly what this podcast aspires to achieve. I determined that it is about music that we’ve come into contact with through:

  1. Direct contact at our studio
  2. Direct contact at live shows
  3. Direct contact online (shared forums, interests)
  4. Cross pollination (friends of our friends)

… and that it is truly the story of our band’s STUDIO. People in our studio and people that have made an impact on our bandmember’s activity. These are bands that we know personally and like. The production qualities must be up to par, but the genre can be a little more broad.

There will be podcasts that do not include any music from Chin’s Mojo. But, for purposes of telling the STORY, it is the music that has come across our desk at the studio. It will not be a show about nothing and everything. It is the story of the studio, the band that lives there, the people we like, and the music that is being made by those people.

Tonight’s podcast is Episode One. Here it is! Be prepared to meet 4 interesting songs.

Guest (Rules and Joke): Will James (father of the Chin’s Mojo Laser Guitar)

To download these songs, go to this page

To email me, write to tomj@flash.net

To be my facebook friend, HOLLA!

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