Featured band: Bill Martin

It’s always a joy to see singer/songwriter Bill Martin in our studio. His depth of experience, talent, ambition and heart serve his music well. On top of THAT, he’s so nice to work with. Bill brings in original songs and they’re not the typical project. He spends weeks layering little parts and listening and thinking. His lyrics are always developed into clear and heartfelt narrative. He thoughtfully crafts ideas and they become solid songs. Sometimes they’re 3 minutes long, sometimes 10. But each offers song dips and turns and beautiful detail. He impresses everyone that meets him with a  guitar in his hands. Whatever is creative and genuine and meticulous about Bill, I can’t get enough of it.

In this video entry; Bill discusses his new CD, “Still in an Anxious World”. He also introduces the first track on the CD “I Don’t Know Much About Love”.  You can check out his web site on Reverbnation, and hear 2 more songs from his CD there. Drop him an email and get one for yourself. Bill’s performance schedule is also available on his web site.

You can watch him introduce the song and download his song “I Don’t Know Much About Love” exclusively on this blog entry (below).  Here’s Bill:

Here are some notes from Bill:

There are so many great memories and stories to draw from! And that’s just in the studio! Not to mention the stories of the songs before they even reached your studio!
The whole “Misinterpreted” series, the “percussion orchestra” and the “weirdified” counterpoint vocals in “To the Sides of the Pit,” there’s so much to choose from!
“Fish out of Water” is really old and originated on an Ovation acoustic/electric with the Small Stone phase shifter right before Jimmy Carter became President. And that’s so long ago, I couldn’t even explain it now. The version we recorded together of course is the definitive version.

I’m playing at Potbelly Sandwich Works, Old Town, Monday and Tuesday lunches,Potbelly Sandwich Works, Knox/Henderson, Wednesday through Friday. Catfish Cove in Sunnyvale every other Friday evening from 6 to 9. I’m at Neuhaus Cafe at Preston/Royal Shopping Center every last Saturday evening of the month through April so far, 6:30 to 9:00.

I am also giving guitar lessons and find this not only extremely rewarding and fulfilling, but downright inspirational!
I grew up in Colorado and music has been in my life as long as I can remember. Even before The Beatles came out I was listening to music and Dad had music around us from the very beginning. I write and play because it’s who I am but it wasn’t always that way.

Download “I Don’t Know Much About Love” here

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