Featured Band: Imperfekt

Here is a band that has been in our recording studio. Chin’s Mojo has shared a stage with them: Imperfekt.

I met this band in February, 2011. Raul responded to an event that was hosted at our studio called, “The 24 hour music race.” Basically, I host this event, allowing local musicians to write and record a song in 24 hours. I set up the guideline criteria, studio engineer, mix and master out the resulting songs.

Our studio has hosted several open door events like this. It allows us to meet many songwriters in Dallas and have fun with a lot of cool musicians and bands. You might enjoy reading about our studio events:
The 24 hour music race
One Day Meetup (working on the link)

One of the event guidelines is mandatory lyric inclusion: Each participating team is assigned (2) lyrics that must appear in the song. Raul’s first assigned lyric was “Was Anything Real”? (I selected that from the movie The Truman Show) and his other was, “You will soon be honored by someone you respect”, which he drew from a fortune cookie.  Raul’s band went home, wrote a song in 24 hours and recorded the song, “The King’s Legacy” at our studio.

I was thrilled with his song. Each year when we have the 24 hour Music Race, I meet some great people and discover some amazing music. Raul’s band, “Imperfekt” was a perfect example of this. I was pleasantly surprised at the song’s feel. In my opinion, it had an eclectic, funky acoustic vibe that I haven’t heard anywhere else. Best of all, Raul’s vocals are haunting and full of passion. He doesn’t have the classic golden throat voice you’ll hear in hundreds of rock bands. It’s a bit dry, soulful, and I like it a lot.

I am pleased to facilitate this introduction to Imperfekt. I’ll let Raul and Daniel introduce themselves on the video. We’ll also hear some comments in their own words, and a couple of MP3 songs you can download from the band. Let me know what you think of them, leave a comment!



From Raul….

‘The Devil’s Call’ is about someone who contemplates suicide and in the end, does it…It was pretty much entirely written by the lead guitarist, Zachary Henderson. A long, long time ago, he was at a very low point in his life and he actually experienced the first part of the song, staring at his rifle in the corner, contemplating it. Of course, and thankfully, he didn’t do it…He wrote this song recalling all of those emotions and you can tell by the powerful imagery it’s not something that came from thin air. That said, the song is not Satanic in any way. We’ve received a lot of hesitation and questions on the song asking how can we as Christians justify such a composition. The best way I can put this is in this quote I found online:

“Though demons may try to tempt us to kill ourselves, as Christians we have power over the devil and he cannot push us to do this if we sincerely call on the name of the Lord”

So therein lies the point. Nowhere in the song, does he call upon the Lord to help him…he is only listening to the devil’s call and as such that is the end result. It’s worth noting, that in the end he repeats he’s sorry for it all, indicating he fully regrets the decision in his final seconds. Also, there’s not a solid reason as to why he did it, which there never is. Basically, we’re saying he didn’t have to do it, it was a very poor decision and it was Satan that led him to it. Contrasting that image, we recently wrote another song dealing with suicide, called “My Sweet Angel” however this one, he calls upon God, and he ends up saving him. So that’s the message, I realize it’s very subtle, and many may not get it at first…but once asked, I believe this explanation will at least soften anyone’s objection to it. Essentially, it’s no different than when a preacher/minister/priest presents this idea in a sermon…all we’ve done is elaborately portray it, we mean no offense by it

We recorded this song as part of a project with musicdfw.com forum. The Forum is an online community specifically for Dallas/Fort Worth Musicians, started by a talented guitarist, named Scott Whigham, fed up with Craigslist being the only way to communicate with many musicians online and quite inefficiently. Last year he took it one step further by organizing a collaborative CD that was a showcase of many of the musicians on the site. Those that wanted to participate paid a small fee and were able to record a song to be included in the CD.  As part of the project, two individuals on the forum volunteered their home studio to record the tracks or the CD. We recorded with Nick Ryan in Frisco and he was great and really seemed to care about even the small details of the song. Tom Jordan masterfully mastered all the tracks for the project including our track and we were extremely happy with the end product.

The intro and the outro are our favorite parts, the way the intro builds with subtle nuances from Daniel’s high hats that are abruptly interrupted by the powerful toms and the whole thing seemingly crashes into the verse only held upright by George’s bass as it all collects itself back together. Later, the song as a whole keeps gradually growing in intensity until the big finish where it climaxes with painful howls that lead into a regretful plea that seems to be a struggle to let out. What we love about this track is the constant fluidity of the song. If you inspect it with a fine tuned comb, you will notice subtle fluctuations in the tempo. That’s because though we at first attempted many times to record with a click track, the song refused to cooperate. It needed to be allowed to breath and move on its own accord and though at times, this causes the track to seem as it’s about to fall apart, it doesn’t and just sort of works, I honestly wouldn’t change a thing.

‘The King’s Legacy’ tells a story. It starts out in the middle of prophetic dream of a tyrannical king, a warning as it were for the way he treats his people. The chorus speaks of a bright light which signifies he is waking and realizes it was in fact simply a dream. He goes about his day changing nothing, just being the bastard he is until the prophecy comes into fruition. The chorus repeats, but this time the bright light means something else. He sees his old friend spreading his (the king’s) ashes into the ocean and realizes what happened.

We recorded this song as part of another project, this time with Tom Jordan’s 24 Hour Music Race. This was a challenging undertaking. Essentially, after the teams or bands petitioned for a spot to participate and were chosen, each team/band was given two lyrical lines, of which they were to form a song in 24 hours from, and return to the studio at that point to record the song in 2 hours, including some fast and furious mixing done by Tom. The first line was: “Was anything real?” which every team had to use…for the second, each team pulled a fortune cookie from a bag. The one we got was: “You will soon be honored by someone you respect.” This was a great experience and we are extremely proud of the song we created.

My favorite part is without a doubt, Zack’s guitar solo…it’s simply amazing. He got it in one try, which Tom coined him ‘One Take Henderson’ for. He wanted to attempt to do it again, but we all emphatically denied him the right. The acoustic rhythm is done in such a way to give the image of someone riding a horse through town, which the King does midway through the song. We hadn’t met Daniel or George at the time, so a friend of ours, Andrew provided the Drumming, which was solid and on point. Now when we play it live, it is of course different with Daniel and George putting their own style into it, and we absolutely love their contributions and interpretations of the song.

Listen or download, “The Devil’s Call” MP3
Listen or download, “The King’s Legacy” MP3

and show Imperfekt some love!

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