Chin’s Mojo Drowning Man music video with introduction

Our Drowning Man music video is here.

Our blog (this page that you are reading) will be a permanent page for Chin’s Mojo. We’ll share the inside look at what is going on at our recording studio. We hope you’ll subscribe or bookmark it and come visit our blog regularly. We’ll publish new content often.

  • Please do not share the Drowning Man video link or the video on Facebook until January 25 (our release date). This video is a sneak preview ONLY; it’s not for everybody. It is published only for our closest friends..
  • You can turn on the Youtube “CC” closed captioning if you don’t know the words. Or “off” if it is bugging you.
  • You can select a higher resolution playback using the Youtube buttons. This is an HD video.

We hope you like it. Leave us a comment!
Chin’s Mojo

and, for the win… download the Drowning Man audio soundtrack

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6 Responses to Chin’s Mojo Drowning Man music video with introduction

  1. Nacho says:

    Good job, guys!

  2. Julie Turner says:

    I like it, especially the out takes lol. I have to watch again to see if I see Will J in here, as he’s my brother in law. LOL.

  3. Marty Heyting says:

    Absolutely love this song. Psowerful! Great job guys (and gals)!

  4. Michael Parker says:

    “The events depicted in this movie are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.”

  5. Michael Parker says:

    It would have been great to have a hand come up out of the water in the final scene and grab your leg… lol, but it’s way too cold for anyone to be in the water. CGI?

  6. Angela says:

    Mad props, guys, I love the video! I was never a huge fan of music videos as a genre, but of those that I like, the ones that are the best are the ones that tell a story with the imagery that fits the song, and yours was a very powerful story indeed. Off to iTunes to buy the CD, and I hope you choose to make more videos in the future!

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