Studio tour

The best thing we ever did was move Chin’s Mojo (our band) into a recording studio. This move came with some financial commitment; bands typically rehearse at home (for free) and record infrequently in a studio, paying for studio time once a year or so. But, Chin’s Mojo needed a home to rehearse (as loud as we want) and record and develop songs – just as high quality as if we had gone into a major label studio.

Technology has changed audio recording methods – making pro recording more accessible. It’s a bitter observation that just as computer technology killed so much local radio broadcasting as we remembered it (and record companies); on the other hand, musicians now have high tech tools that were unaffordable 10 years ago. One door closes, another opens.

“Indie rock” is usually the phrase that describes a music genre… it’s a do it yourself approach that delivers music directly to listeners, bypassing major record labels. As those big labels struggle, indie musicians are busy creating content that is literally rocking the industry. It’s changing the rules in ways that nobody understands yet. Our studio is about as indie as you can get.

In 2008, I routinely moved the bed out of my bedroom so we could set up drums, and of course we had cops called occasionally because of noise level complaints. Solution; find an affordable place. I’m pleased to report that the studio has been open almost 4 years now. Chin’s Mojo recorded our entire CD, “The Mighty Chin’s Mojo” here. We’ve recorded lots of songs and ideas. When Chin’s Mojo is not using the studio, we allow other musicians to record here, charging an hourly fee. Our rate is about half what a full-time studio charges, so we’ve got lots of happy friends and it pays the bills.

This blog will tell our studio’s story – the story of people’s dreams. All music comes from the desire to create something beautiful and exciting. So, keep that in mind… You will read stories about Chin’s Mojo and how we use our studio. There will be stories about musicians that we consider friends and friends of the studio. There will be technical processes necessary to make the recordings. But, these are actually the story of dreams and music as an art. Each day, when our studio door opens, another dream is trying to become reality. We seek to capture on computer what is imagined; we want to bring it to life, though we initially hear only in our heads. It’s elusive and exciting to watch. Sometimes it is successful, and results in something that make life more bearable.

I hope you will enjoy following the story. I’ll try to post at least twice a week. if anyone is reading it, I might be able to post more often. By the way, I’ll be telling this story using my own first-person narrative, since I am the studio engineer for everything we record. I’m in the studio more often than anyone else, although you’ll meet and watch stuff from the entire band and other bands.

Let’s start out with a very goofy studio tour.

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