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Featured Band: Imperfekt

Here is a band that has been in our recording studio. Chin’s Mojo has shared a stage with them: Imperfekt. I met this band in February, 2011. Raul responded to an event that was hosted at our studio called, “The … Continue reading

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There’s a playlist in your brain that helps you

I believe music can touch our hearts and tickle our ears and provide the soundtrack and lyrics that console us throughout life. For example, I don’t even really like The Who, but I know that no matter who is elected … Continue reading

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Steve Kautz drum clinic, “Boys Are All Bad”

Steve discusses his drum kit hardware and 3 sweet riffs. He unwraps his new kick drum graphic, and performs the song in our studio. What an easy going guy to call a friend, and such a hard hitting technician.

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Chin’s Mojo Drowning Man music video with introduction

Our Drowning Man music video is here. Our blog (this page that you are reading) will be a permanent page for Chin’s Mojo. We’ll share the inside look at what is going on at our recording studio. We hope you’ll … Continue reading

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Drowning Man music video outtakes

I need to go back and edit this video, this is the first draft. But it’s still funny. These are the outtakes from our Drowning Man music video (which we’ll release to the public on January 25).  They are just … Continue reading

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Pro Tools walkthrough for Drowning Man

Here’s an overview of the recording software used – this example is, “Drowning Man”. and, for the win… download the Drowning Man audio soundtrack

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Studio tour

The best thing we ever did was move Chin’s Mojo (our band) into a recording studio. This move came with some financial commitment; bands typically rehearse at home (for free) and record infrequently in a studio, paying for studio time … Continue reading

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